Importance of a Toothpaste during Toothbrushing


How important do you a toothpaste is when you brush your teeth?

With numerous brands of toothpaste bombarding the market these days, we should know the basic importance of a toothpaste and how it really influences our oral hygiene.  I am writing today for the confused consumer, to make it easier for toothpaste selection.

Benefits of a toothpaste in tooth brushing-

1.  The toothpaste acts as a medium which helps to dissolve and remove the sticky plaque film from teeth and gingiva.  Plaque is responsible for gum disease and tooth decay in the oral cavity.

2.  Fluoride present in toothpaste aid in the prevention of tooth decay, remineralization of the tooth due to daily wear and tear, and repairing of early tooth decay.  Fluoride neutralizes the acids secreted by bacteria which otherwise cause destruction and therefore prevent tooth decay.  It also replenishes the mineral content of enamel thereby maintaining enamel strength.  

3.  A toothpaste contains special ingredients which polish teeth and aid in stain removal.  It also freshens breath and gives you a squeaky clean feeling.  

4.  An ingredient called as the copolymer complex has been proved to have an added advantage over a plain fluoride toothpaste.  This complex acts as a binding agent.  It boosts an agent called Triclosan which inhibits bacterial and therefore plaque growth in the oral cavity.  It helps Triclosan to stay for prolonged periods in the oral cavity.  Therefore a Triclosan plus Copolymer paste is clinically proved to inhibit bacterial growth more than a plain fluoride paste.  So now we know what to look for the next time we go shopping for a toothpaste.

Even though the benefits of toothpaste are numerous, the main thing is the brushing technique.  The way you brush your teeth matter more than the toothpaste you incorporate.  I will discuss the proper brushing technique in my next article.  But now keep the confusion at bay, toothpaste whatever, you should know the proper way of brushing your teeth!

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