Proper toothbrushing in children to maintain proper oral hygiene


Start brushing your child's teeth as early as possible for proper oral care

As we already know tooth brushing is important for proper oral hygiene.  This habit should be inculcated in our children as soon as possible.  Oral care and oral hygiene are of paramount importance in children. The earlier our children understand the importance of oral hygiene, the better it is.  Afterall, baby teeth (primary teeth)  lay a foundation for the adult teeth (permanent teeth).

When a baby is born-

Never think it’s too early to clean your infant’s mouth.  Clean your baby’s mouth, gums, and tongue with a clean gauze piece or cotton cloth.  The gauze/cloth should be wet with warm water.  Clean in the morning and night.  Also, try to wipe the baby’s mouth after every feed.

Appearance of the first tooth-

Begin using a soft silicone finger brush or soft bristle baby brush, and warm water on the newly visible teeth.  You can also use a cotton cloth for the same.  There is no need to use a toothpaste as of now. First, let your baby get used to a brush.

I do not advise a fluoride toothpaste till the age of two.  You can use a training toothpaste (fluoride free paste) instead.  After the age of two, use a smear of fluoridated toothpaste until the age of three; afterward, use a pea size amount of toothpaste.  A child should be taught how to spit and rinse with water after brushing.

Toothpaste for children contains a lesser amount of fluoride than an adult paste.

Maintenance of oral hygiene is very important in children.  Introduce toothbrushing as early as possible for genuine oral care!


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