Healing of Tooth Decay/Enamel Without a Dental Filling, a New Reality?


Is it actually possible to heal tooth decay and remineralize enamel without a dental filling on the dental chair?

The first line treatment of initial tooth decay is to clean the infected enamel, and dentin if required, and provide a dental filling.  The contemporary times' advent various new resources of high-grade technology.  Along with the numerous gadgets and gizmos, dentistry is also a witness to new technology and research.  

Some scientific studies show that enamel can be regrown.  Researchers have invented a new peptide-based product that can stimulate the remineralization of enamel.  These artificially produced peptides can effectively heal lab-induced dental lesions.

Tooth enamel is formed within the tooth bud when the tooth has not even erupted.  Special cells called the ameloblasts produce a specific protein called amelogenin.  This protein plays a major role in the formation of the tooth enamel.  Unfortunately, ameloblasts die off as soon as the tooth erupts, but tooth wear and tear continue daily.  

Minimal tooth wear and enamel demineralization self-heals using minerals and fluoride from the saliva, fluoride toothpaste or dental fluoride treatment and drinking water.  But invasive tooth destruction involves a complete dental procedure at the dental office.

The newly invented peptide solutions may work well on the remineralization of tooth enamel.  Researchers are confident that their product may be incorporated into the everyday oral care routine.  These peptides could circumvent expensive treatments at the dental office.

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