Types of Tooth Bleaching/Tooth Whitening in Non-Vital Teeth


Types of Tooth Bleaching/Tooth Whitening Procedures for Tooth Discoloration in Non-Vital Teeth

The non-vital teeth are those teeth which do not have a viable pulp but are present and still perform their normal functions in the oral cavity.

Non-vital tooth bleaching

Non-vital bleaching techniques used today are of different types, for example, walking bleach, modified walking bleach, non-vital power bleaching, and inside/outside bleaching.

The walking bleach technique involves sealing a mixture of sodium perborate with water into the pulp chamber of the affected tooth, a procedure that is repeated at intervals until the desired bleaching result is achieved. 

When this technique is modified with a combination of 30% hydrogen peroxide and sodium perborate sealed into the pulp chamber for one week then it is known as modified walking bleach.

Finally, the inside/outside bleaching technique is a combination of internal bleaching of non-vital teeth with the home bleaching technique.

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