Health Conditions When Water Flossing is Advantageous in Dentistry


When water flossing proves to be better than string flossing for proper oral care and oral health

Water flossing is now preferred more over string flossing for maintaining proper oral health.  Yet several dentists and dental hygienists still believe in string flossing for proper oral care.  There are still some health conditions when water flossing proves to be more convenient.

When water flossing is better to use

Some people suffer from gum diseases that do not allow string flossing.  The string may harm the gingival tissues and induce pain.  A person may also witness more bleeding during flossing which may push him/her away from the idea of flossing itself.  A water flosser may be better to use in people suffering from various gum diseases.  Water flossers eliminate the pain, decrease the risk of injury and also decrease bleeding.

People suffering from joint pain or compromised movements of the arms and hands may find string flossing a bit difficult.  A water flosser is better in those conditions.

People undergoing orthodontic treatment will also find it difficult to wiggle string in between the wires of their braces.  Water or power flossing is suitable for them.

People with bridges or crowns may also benefit more from water flossing.

Water flossers may also be trouble-free for the lazy ones who do not like the idea of string flossing.

Water flossers do come with a cost, but they do have some advantages over it.  Water flossing may be easier than the traditional floss once you master it.

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