Treatment of bad breath/halitosis


Treatment of Bad Breath/Halitosis, Good Oral Hygiene 

Good oral hygiene is the key factor in reducing halitosis. This prevents gum diseases and tooth decay.  If gum/periodontal disease is present, the dentist should perform scaling/ cleaning to clear out the bacteria present in pockets between the gums and teeth. 

The dentist may recommend a toothpaste that includes an antibacterial agent or an antibacterial mouthwash.  It is important to brush teeth twice daily with a fluoride antibacterial toothpaste and flossing to remove food debris from tooth followed by brushing or cleaning the tongue.

Dry mouth can also be the reason for bad breath, so drinking plenty amount of water is important.

The dentist might also recommend replacing faulty tooth restorations, a breeding ground for bacteria.  Individuals should visit the dentist once a year for routine dental check-up and cleaning of teeth if required. 

If the cause of halitosis is found to be some other reason than oral health, the individual is referred to the concerned doctor to seek help.

Bad Breath, Gum Diseases, Oral Hygiene, Tooth Decay

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