Tooth Avulsion: A Major Concern of Tooth Loss in Children


Tooth Avulsion: A Major Concern of Tooth Loss in Children Affecting Oral Health

The treatment of a traumatic removal of the primary tooth/baby tooth avulsion in children is a major concern because it helps in deciding the treatment plan.  It is usually quite difficult to treat baby teeth related problems due to the inability of the child to cooperate because of fear.

Severe injuries to the primary/milk tooth or alveolar bone can cause a serious impact on permanent tooth germ and can cause tooth malformation, impacted teeth and eruption disturbances in the developing permanent dentition.

Choice of treatment procedure depends on the maturity of the child, the ability of the child to adjust with the emergency situation, occlusion and the time for removal of the injured tooth.  Also, the frequency of repeated trauma episodes in the child plays the most important factor that should be taken into consideration if planning endodontic treatment in an avulsed primary tooth.

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