Dietary Habits- Nutrition and Oral Health


Dietary habits- overall health, nutrition and oral health

A well-balanced diet providing proper nutrients is necessary for overall health and oral health.  A proper diet delivers the nutrients that are required for well-being and growth.  

How does a proper diet affect oral health?

A low nutrient diet affects the immunity of a person.  The oral cavity's capacity to fight infection is also affected.  

The periodontium is also affected which may lead to tooth loss.  A poor diet adds to the development of oral diseases.  

Calcium, phosphorus, fluoride, etc have specific roles in tooth formation and oral health.  A deficiency of these minerals may have an adverse effect on the growth and development of the oral structures.

Oral health depends upon dietary choices and eating habits in children, teens and adults.  Parents should inculcate healthy eating habits in their children so that these healthy habits carry on.  Nutrition plays an important role when it comes to the overall health and oral health of an individual.

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