Oral Contraceptive Pills, Its Impact on Oral Health


Oral contraceptive pills may have an impact on oral health like pregnancy and may cause gum diseases

Oral contraceptive pills have different levels of hormones which may adversely affect oral health, causing gum diseases like gingivitis.  Pregnancy may also show the same symptoms when it comes to oral health.  The main key is to maintain oral care at all times and especially before planning a pregnancy and when on oral contraceptive pills.

Older oral contraceptive pills included elevated amounts of hormones, inducing gum diseases more frequently.  Newer drugs have modified compositions which may or may not affect oral health.  Once again, it all depends on your oral care routine and oral health.  

Assessing your oral health before starting oral contraceptives will help in assessing the damage it may cause to your oral health.  Prolonged gum diseases induced by these pills may advance causing irreversible damage to gums and teeth.  Therefore, it is necessary to consult your doctor to change to an oral contraceptive that suits your health.

In general, women having gum disease or those more prone to gum disease, experience hyped responses to bacterial plaque when under influence of hormonal change (pregnancy, oral contraceptive pill consumption, menopause, puberty, hormonal replacement therapy, etc).  

Such changes in oral health are seen due to a decrease of salivary flow or even change in the composition of the saliva.  Also, a bacterial species called Prevotella prevails in the bacterial component of the oral cavity.  Women experiencing hormonal imbalance are also more prone to other oral diseases such as dry socket after extraction or periodontal disease which may affect the health of teeth.

Maintenance of a proper oral care routine and oral hygiene greatly influences the negative effects of increased estrogen and progesterone.  Women should have a dental assessment before starting oral contraceptives to eradicate any pre-existing disease as well as to prevent oral disease.  This also holds true for women planning a pregnancy or experiencing menopause.  The path leading to good overall health starts with proper oral health!

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