Orthodontics: Steps of Orthodontic Treatment


Steps of orthodontic treatment in dentistry, application of braces

After a complete case analysis and treatment planning, the orthodontist delivers the orthodontic treatment.  The first consultation consists of a thorough medical and dental history, a complete facial analysis and a detailed x-ray examination.  There are several orthodontic appliances and methods of delivery, but the general steps for fixed braces will be discussed in this article.  

Steps of fixed braces application

The specialist first makes sure any medical or dental condition is under control prior to the orthodontic treatment.  

The teeth are isolated by applying a cheek retractor.  Cheek retractors are beneficial because they keep the teeth dry and completely visible throughout the entire treatment. 

The teeth are cleaned and polished then air-dried.  This allows the brackets of the appliance to bond with the tooth enamel properly.

The clean teeth surfaces are conditioned for 30 seconds to prepare them for a proper bond with the cement used.

After cleaning and drying the teeth once again, an adhesive primer is applied to enhance the bonding.

A resin cement is applied to the back of each bracket.  One by one, the brackets are applied to a pre-decided position of the tooth.  The cement is cured(hardened) using a high-intensity light.  

The cheek retractor can be removed at this stage.  Now, the dentist can place the archwire into the brackets fixed onto the teeth.

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