Safety on the Dental Chair During Pregnancy


Is it safe to visit the dentist during pregnancy?

Pregnancy is a time of bliss, curiosity, discovery, transformation and awareness.  Bliss because you are being taken care of and you are actually creating a copy of you.  Curiosity to know what is going on inside you and how your future baby will be.  Discovery of changes occurring inside you and beginning to actually know what your body is capable of.  Transformation of a single soul into two!  Awareness of your health as well as oral health just for the well being of your baby.

Pregnancy is also a time when we want to be extra careful.  Do you think a visit to the dentist will impair your pregnancy?  Well actually NO!  Regular dental check-ups will not only ensure your own well being but will also aid in a smooth, healthy and full term pregnancy.

In fact, you should visit your dentist before planning a pregnancy.  Dental procedures should be carried out before to negate any subsequent problems during the time of pregnancy.  Tell your dentist about your intentions and he or she will make sure you attain perfect oral health so that you can welcome a healthy baby!

Never forget to tell your dentist that you are pregnant.  Brief him or her of the expected due date.

X-rays should be avoided during pregnancy.  But if they are absolutely unavoidable, your dentist will protect you and your baby with a lead apron and collar.  

The second trimester is the safest period for a dental procedure.  The fetal organs are developed by the time.  Your own health is also much better as compared to the first trimester.  Your dentist will assess the worth of dental treatment and determine if it could be stalled until the end of pregnancy or not.  Afterall, your own oral health affects your child as well.

Local anesthesia does not actually harm the fetus!  There are also a few antibiotics and effective painkillers that can be taken during pregnancy.  It is therefore important for your dentist to be aware of the pregnancy and due date.

Be comfortable in the dental chair.  Take breaks if it ends up to be a long procedure.

Be aware and do not shy away from the dentist.  Oral health plays a crucial role in pregnancy and fetal health.

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