Preterm Pregnancy, Low Birth Weight of Fetus and Oral Health/Presence of Gum Diseases


Oral diseases, especially gum diseases and poor oral health are linked to premature delivery and low birth weight of the baby

It may be surprising to most of us that oral health plays a vital role in the health of the fetus and date of delivery.  Presence of oral diseases like gum diseases is associated with premature, low birth weight delivery.

There are several risk factors which are detrimental to the health of a mother and child during a pregnancy like smoking, alcohol, poor diet, lack of exercise, drug abuse and stress.  Oral health is now proven to affect the same as well.

Sometimes a pregnancy may induce gingivitis due to the surge of hormones.  These hormonal changes exaggerate the reaction of the body towards toxins (bacterial plaque) and make the mother more susceptible to disease.  This can be controlled with regular dental visits, proper oral hygiene and professional cleanings.  Any pre-existing gum disease or oral disease may pose great risks to the health of the fetus especially if the condition worsens after pregnancy.  

Oral bacteria may seep into the blood stream and circulate to the fetus affecting its health.  This seepage may also cause heart disease of the mother which will also adversely affect fetal health.  Some toxins are released which can cause a premature delivery with low birth weight.

A clean mouth leads to a healthy pregnancy.  Maintain proper oral hygiene to avoid an overreaction of the body to toxins created due to lack of oral care.  Regular dental check ups also assist in improving the health of the mother and child.

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